What Just A Few Of Our Customers Have To Say......

Thank you so much, once again, for getting back to me so promptly.
KW  LICSW   Massachusetts   11/2/15

Thanks for the best customer support I have ever received!!
TP, PsyD   Connecticut   10/29/15

I am very impressed with your phone call - and the speed with which you responded! Good customer service! Thank you!!
BK  Pennsylvia   4/9/15

Re: The Insurance Tracker -Thank you so much, and while I was poking around self teaching and having no prior billing education, I can't believe how brilliant this software is and simple to use. I am sooooo excited to get started as this is for my mom's practice that we have been building but with caveman practices! Thanks again,
RS   3/30/15

Dr. Laytin,
As I just printed yet another successful CMS 1500 form, I wanted to thank you for your personal help as well as your excellent software. It works like a charm and has saved me an incredible amount of time. The software setup was also much easier than I feared. Thanks again, and feel free to use me as a happy customer reference if needed.
Mike Lewis 10/3/14

Thanks for your service for us "little guys"!!!!!!
Thanks for responding so quickly.
LG 10/3/14

... thanks again, I love my form filler.
KM, RN 4/29/14

I just got the first payment from Medicare on the new form... Little Guy, you made it so simple and easy to install the new software and print the new forms and everything worked out perfectly. As a small provider submitting paper claims you made this project a breeze, rather than the daunting task it might have been. Thank you!
SW, LCSW 4/29/14

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I received your software today and just had a chance to install it and use it. It is absolutely fabulous!!!! I just set up 2 patients. It will save me so much time and minimize errors since most everything stays the same for each visit except the date and sometimes CPT codes! Your instructions were very clear and I was able to align the document so that it looks great when my printer prints it out. Everything is in alignment after a few changes, and even the little "X" is in the center of the boxes. So, thank you so much!! My life became easier, and billing less detestable:)
JP OTR/L 4/2/14

Everything worked perfectly!!!!! And the accompanying manual was excellent - I have used your software for years so I didn't really need most of the info - it was like buying a new pair of shoes or jeans of the brand that you always wear. Looked at your manual, and just thought - you have really covered everything. THANK YOU - from your satisfied customer, for many years.
EK, PhD 4/1/14

And little guy software is fabulous and very reasonably priced. Thanks.
JG 4/1/14

I received your software today and just had a chance to install it and use it. It is absolutely fabulous!!!! So, thank you so much!! My life became easier, and billing less detestable.
JP 4/2/14

First, I have to say that your Insurance Tracker Software has been a LIFESAVER for me and for my practice, particularly around tax time! It is so easy to use and all of the different reports it provides are wonderful!

And little guy software is fabulous and very reasonably priced.
JG 4/1/14

Thanks again!  I've been using your software for years and years! It works great.
JS LMFT 12/23/13

I did what you suggested....worked successfully. Thanks so much for your friendly help.
DH 12/12/13

Thank you sooo much Dr. Laytin.
MCW 12/11/13

Thank you for your help on this! I really appreciate it...
JG 12/4/13

Thanks so much for your email reply on a Sunday night. I really didn't expect you to write anything till tomorrow.
11/24/13 SC

Great product. We have had no problems with it at all!
11/20/13 BN, RN

First let me tell you how delighted I have been with the software I purchased from you...
11/15/13 CB

Thanks so much! By the way, the colleagues I've spoken to rave about your products.
K.F. 4/24/13

I love, love, love your product! Thorough instructions & easy to use (even for a techno-peasant, like me). Will recommend it highly to colleagues. Thanks, N. D. MFT 8/26/12

Hi Dr. Laytin. The program is working great with my MAC. What a gift it has been to my billing.
Michael F. LCSW 5/24/12

Kudos for a very fine product. I use a MAC and all your directions worked perfectly for me.    Your suggestions and directions were clear and above all worked. Thanks for making this software available.
Ann M.  LCSW  5/23/12

Thank you, Dr. Laytin!!!    Insurance Tracker is a great program. Together with the EasyCMS Form Filler, I really feel in control of the financial aspects of my practice. The best is knowing I don't need to depend on others to operate successfully. I just generated my first bill with the Tracker--what a breeze. A wonderful product for the little guy and I'm especially grateful for your patient and generous technical support.
Laurie C.   LCSW   5/11/12

Thank you! I have successfully downloaded the program. I really appreciate your prompt and courteous response. You are very professional and have solidified my respect and trust in your company. Again, thank you very much.
LM (1/24/12)

Dear Dr. Laytin:
I have started using the littleguy for printing the CMS 1500's and WOW!
It sure makes my life a lot easier...everything lined up and the printing was perfect. Thank you so very, very much.
Bill M.

I just wanted you to know that I received my software shipment yesterday....loaded the disk, filled out a form, and printed it perfectly!
Thank you so much...this is my second attempt (the previous was from www.......); their form never would print correctly, and the service was horrible.
Thanks again,

Thank you, The program worked perfectly and I have processed several claims successfully. I appreciate your help.

The Easy CMS1500Form Filler is wonderful. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much for your immediate response; Thank you so much for your responsiveness and generosity. The USPS had notified us literally yesterday due to their own error. I look forward to our continued contact.

Dear Little Guy:
Just wanted to advise your software arrived on 6/13, and by 6/15, I was able to complete all outstanding insurances and get totally caught up since May 23. The new system works even better than the former easy HCFA, and printing is so much more uniform. I have and will continue to recommend your product to my colleagues. Thank you for your product and prompt response. FJ, LMHC

We have managed to make a master copy and make all adjustments to it. The new program is FANTASTIC!!!! We couldn't be more pleased.
Thanks. MB

You guys rock. I'll have to make a special effort to refer you to my colleagues. Thanks. PW

Hello-The easycms program has changed my life! How's that for drama! LS, MSW

Just a note to say thanks. The CMS 1500 Easy Form -filler works like a charm. JP

Thanks. I'm very grateful for your terrific program and assistance. My first HCFA printing perfectly and I was impressed how really easy it was to do. Great job! I'll be sure to tell others in my area about it. Thanks again – Elizabeth

I practiced with the software today and it was wonderful...printed perfectly on the HCFA forms...wish I had done this long ago and not paid someone else to do my billing for me! Thank you for the prompt service.

Thank you, works perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!! RC, LCSW

Dear Dr. Laytin,
Just wanted you to know that on my first try everything worked beautifully!
I am eternally grateful to you and your team! Many thanks. JK

Dear Dr. Laytin,
Just wanted you to know that the software you sent me works just great, and at least the insurance company I deal with can read and understand it. It makes doing the claim forms so much easier. Thanks a lot. A.L., Ph.D.

The software is great. I will be in contact to set up the Q&A session.
Thanks for making such an effective product.

Hi Dr. Laytin,
Thanks so much for getting back to me about this. I love the program.
Best. AA

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