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Clinical Practitioners - We offer exceptional, easy to use products.  Big guy software at little guy prices.   Same folks who introduced EASY HCFA Form Filler in 1998. Celebrating our 16th year on the Internet serving clinical practitioners. Before you buy, see what our customers have to say....

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** Read about the January 2014 changes to the CMS 1500 form Click Here

** Still Need 'older' CMS 1500 forms (08/05) or Software Click Here

** Big Discount on our Insurance Tracker Software   $40. off when purchsed with EASYCMS 1500 Form Filler - Check out the Ordering Page**

 •EASYCMS 1500 Form Filler Software© - FOR THE NEW CMS 1500 Form (implemented in 2014 but called the 02/12 version) Easiest and most economical way to complete the updated CMS 1500 insurance claim form. For PCs and Macs. Customized Free. Priced as low as $65. for the PC and $81. for the Mac AND WE GUARANTEE PERFECT ALIGNMENT OF DATA ON YOUR FORMS
Available with forms in a discounted 'bundle' with free shipping. See the Ordering page.

 •EASY CMS Plus© FOR PCs and MACs- Our updated, customized EASYCMS 1500 Form Filler software for the NEW CMS 1500 Form (implemented in 2014 but called the 02/12 version) For PCs (Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8) and Macs along with, live telephone training and consultation on how to do insurance billing using the updated CMS 1500 form. This is the stuff they forgot to teach in Grad School. Priced as low as $124.50, with free shipping. And we include a ream of new CMS 1500 forms, lifetime support AND LIFETIME FREE UPDATES.

 •UB 04 Software© - Form Filler for the UB 04 claim form. $109.   UB 04 Forms available.

 •Insurance Tracker Software© - new version 4.4

  • Tracks health insurance authorizations and payments, patient payments and co-payments.
  • Records all of your service delivery. Stay alert to remaining sessions authorized and required updates to managed care.
  • Works as your ledger.
  • Generate professional patient bills or receipts in 2 clicks.
  • One or two click built-in reports include, Amount Outstanding by Patient, Authorized Sessions Remaining by Patient, Claims Not Yet Submitted sorted by patient or insurance, Payment Summary for Today.
  • All Charges for Service (for dates ranges you select), All Patient Payments, All Insurance Payments, Total Amount Outstanding, Summary by Patients, All Payments Today, Refunds, Insurance Aging Reports (30, 60, 90 day), History of Charges for Service, Managed Care Adjustments, Patient Emails, Phone nos. and More.
  • Some reports can be exported into Microsoft Word, allowing you to customize further.
  • Designed for clinicians dealing with managed care or just staying on top of their billing, including Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Speech Therapists, Counselors, Physical Therapists, etc.
  • Makes managed care easier (nothing makes it easy). You've never been this organized.
  • only  $89. (including shipping)For PCs and now also works with Macs too, if you are running Parallels and Windows on the Mac.

Only  $89. for the Individual Clinician.   Group Practice Version only $149.   Professional Biller's Version only $149.                 Network-capable versions available. Contact us for pricing. $40. Discount if purchased with the EASYCMS 1500 Form Filler.


  • One-click summary reports on every past medical appointment for you and each member of your family including dates, procedures, dx, and follow ups.
  • With built-in, modifiable, pre-populated drop down menus you can add to and sort data by family member. See all appointment dates, reason for visit, diagnosis, treatment and follow ups.
  • In two mouse clicks retrieve all colonoscopy dates or eye exams or mammograms or PSAs or vaccinations or dental cleanings, etc., in a clear, organized, printable report.
  • Build a family medical history for your children.

Track, summarize and print all of your health care appointments, medications, family history. Organize your family medical history, treatment dates, follow ups, future appointments and much more. only $89.50    For PCs and now also for Macs running Parallels

 •EASYHCFA 485/486/487 Form Filler - Provides you with an on-screen HCFA 485, 486 and 487 that you can fill in and print. Updated for CMS. Only $55.00

  •CMS 1500 Claim Forms - Updated Forms - Highest quality, low prices, fast shipping. Offering packages of 2500, 1000 or 500 forms to meet the needs of the little guys too. Special offers when purchased with our software.

  •UB 04 Claim Forms - Highest quality, low prices, fast shipping. Laser cut or continuous. Offering packages of 2500, 1000 or 500 forms to meet the needs of the little guys too.

  •Shipping Envelopes - For HCFA/CMS 1500 forms and UB 04 forms. Window Envelopes.


We guarantee our software products and form fillers to print accurately and satisfy insurance carriers. We will replace or update any product that does not.


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